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The Atlantic Initiative is a non-partisan, non-profit organization based in Berlin. Its founding directors started the organization with a personal donation of USD $60,000. Sponsors now include the German Marshall Foundation, European Recovery Program, Atlantik-Brücke Stiftung, DaimlerChrysler, Boeing International, United Technologies Corporation and DHL. Any donation is welcome and tax-deductible in Germany; we are currently filing for status as a 501(c)3 organization in the United States. Sponsors will be featured on our website, with prominence according to the level of contribution. For more information please contact us through info@atlantische-initiative.org, or the address and telephone information at the bottom of this page.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Atlantic Community

With an annual budget of 150,000 euros, the Atlantic Community received an initial start-up grant from the German Government in 2006 and is now seeking support from both corporate and private sponsors. Financial supporters of the Atlantic Community will have the opportunity to reach a new generation of politically interested and well-connected readers, as well as seasoned decisionmakers and policy professionals, while furthering the cause of transatlantic cooperation and communication.

Global Agenda and Global Must Reads

Sponsors of Global Agenda and the Global Must Reads now have two important channels at their disposal to reach several thousand decisionmakers and key multipliers in German and American politics, business, media, and academia. Through corporate logo placement on our publications and web site links our sponsors can position their companies as thought leaders on issues of international strategic importance.

Atlantic Initiative Events

Supporters are invited to sponsor, host, and participate in Atlantic Initiative events. All events are designed to promote exchange between political and opinion leaders, members of our advisory board, and the international foreign policy community. Recent successes include the second Atlantic Happy Hour, sponsored by NATO and the German Council on Public Policy, and the inaugural conference on “The Future of the West”, a continuing collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin, to promote “a transatlantic dialogue on state, economy and society”.

Geopolitical Strategy Consulting

The Atlantic Initiative team delivers accurate and dependable information about international politics, business and trade developments, and is available to respond to the unique needs of sponsors. Our researchers will provide you with:

  • Tailored research and briefing content on international security, politics, economics, and trade issues
  • Assistance in the drafting of speeches, editorials, and other communications
  • Organizational support for conferences and other convening activities
  • Identification of and access to appropriate special event speakers


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