Atlantic Community

Our latest project, the Atlantic Community, is the first Web 2.0-based open think tank to stimulate transatlantic debate on the global challenges faced by the West. Not only will the Atlantic Community feature executive summaries of new policy ideas developing in the international think tank and academic community, as does the current Global Agenda, but the site will also be an interactive platform where veteran decisionmakers can collaborate with a new generation of future policy professionals. The collective intelligence of the Atlantic Community, coupled with the contacts of its founders, gives all participants the chance to influence leaders in politics, business, and other spheres. Our goal is to provide a space where members can raise awareness and understanding of global challenges at a grassroots level while at the same time connecting with decision-makers, who will benefit from what informed citizens have to say. This will result in a stronger and more sustainable transatlantic connection that is independent of the few official discussion platforms which are currently available.

Global Agenda / Global Must Reads

Today’s transatlantic agenda is global, and our online journal Global Agenda brings research from leading American think tanks and journals to the German policy community. The Global Agenda editorial team monitors a plethora of publications daily so that our readers have a one-stop source for executive summaries of the most important research and commentary coming across the Atlantic. The Global Must Reads newsletter highlights the ten essential articles on Global Agenda each month, and is sent to a list of 15,000 subscribers. This unique dual service provides decisionmakers with a key information source on the most pressing global issues and helps multipliers to analyze policy more easily.

Atlantic Events

The Atlantic Initiative plans events in Germany and the United States to encourage communication between political and opinion leaders, members of our advisory board, and the international foreign policy community. We are currently producing two event series: the Atlantic Happy Hour, produced in conjunction with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division and the German Council on Foreign Relations , and the Future of the West, planned in collaboration with the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin. Recent one-time conferences include a luncheon on stability and reform in the Congo produced in conjunction with the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party and the DGAP, and a conversation with former U.S. Ambassador John C. Kornblum.