Atlantic Initiative 

The Atlantic Initiative is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering transatlantic cooperation. We believe that the challenges of the 21st century can only be met if Europe and the United States work together to overcome them.

We endeavor to:

  1. Spread the message that today's transatlantic agenda is global. International challenges like terrorism, the energy crisis and the rise of new powers in Asia demand a unified western policy.
  2. Promote collaboration between Europe and the United States on issues of globalization and foreign policy
  3. Cultivate and improve intellectual exchange across the Atlantic through increased networking opportunities, where decisionmakers and opinion leaders can connect with each other and with a new generation of students and future policy professionals
  4. Help multinational corporations understand how geopolitics can impact business, and encourage firms to become more active in supporting a stable world order.


The Atlantic Community begins on April 16! See the work-in-progress now at