Internship at the Atlantic Initiative in Berlin

The Atlantic Initiative is seeking an English-speaking intern for its Atlantic Community program. We believe that the transatlantic agenda is international in scope, and that Europe and North America must work together closely to solve the challenges of today's globalized
world. The Atlantic Community uses the power of the Web to help today's senior policymakers, experts and analysts collaborate with tomorrow's thinkers and leaders on the biggest problems facing the West.

Applicants should have knowledge of the US foreign policy community, its publications and think tanks, as well as an interest in transatlantic relations. Successful candidates will have excellent English writing skills and be familiar with new communications media on the web (social-networking sites, wikis, blogs, forums). Editorial experience at an
English-speaking publication would be an asset. Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite is essential, as is a working knowledge of German. Translation skills are a plus. The internship will take place at the Atlantic Initiative's Berlin office and is for a minimum of three months.

Duties will include:

  • Screening print and Internet media for breaking news and nascent trends in international relations.
  • Writing feature articles for the Atlantic Community website which summarize current policy discussion on and off the web.
  • Moderating user comments at the Atlantic Community website.
  • Administrative support.

We offer:

  • Experience of all aspects of production at a new online publication
  • Excellent contacts (virtual and otherwise)
  • An unstructured and flexible working environment

Interested applicants in Berlin should send a cover letter with CV and writing sample to


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